SPS Garage Management

How it works

See how LB Ealing increased garage revenue by 65%

And occupancy rates by 26%

“We used to manage our garages in-house, but we decided that we could better utilise our portfolio by working with a specialist company.

We have stability and consistency while meeting revenue targets, even on our more challenging sites, and our partnership has seen a substantial increase in income from our garages.”

Thomas James
Commercial Development Manager, London Borough of Ealing

Want to see what your revenue might be?

Garages shouldn’t be hard to fix

And your garage courts shouldn’t be no-go areas.

But the reality is, for all the investment social housing has seen…no-one’s spent much time thinking about garages.

Which often means crime, litter, drug-taking and lots of resident complaints.

At best it means a lost opportunity to provide more parking and make more money.

Maybe you’re…

  • Struggling to find the time and budget to renovate your garages
  • Lacking the systems you need to keep garages well-maintained and fully tenanted
  • At the point where you’re thinking of just selling to the highest bidder (even if that means losing a community asset).

With specialist, no-fuss garage management, you’ll get back your time and money.

So you can focus on what you’re here for: homes and communities

How it works

We could:

  • Install power and aluminium locking doors
  • Repaint, repair and clear weeds
  • Demolish and rebuild garages that are beyond repair
  • Deal with all ongoing repairs fast. With tenants able to request repairs through a dedicated online portal.
  • Combat crime and fly-tipping. With CCTV, lighting and security gates. And a dedicated anti-social behaviour reporting service for your tenants.

2 easy ways we could take garage management off your hands:

You own the garages, we manage them for you

Including all maintenance and dealing with anti-social behaviour.

So that rather than losing money on empty garages, you’ll make back more than the cost of the contract in increased rents.

Sound good? Drop us an email and we’ll take it from there.

You sell your garage portfolio to us

If you’d rather just have your garages off your hands completely, and get a single lump sum to invest in homes, we’ll take them on.

For a fair agreed fee. And a promise that we’ll keep them functioning as garages, so your community keeps its parking.

Think this might be right for you?

Got a question? These are the things social landlords most often ask us:

What will you do with our garages?

We’ll start by taking a look at where they are now. Their condition, occupancy rates and any crime or anti-social behaviour .

Then we’ll work with you and your garage tenants to create a plan to refurbish, re-let and manage your garages.

Will you increase garage rents?

Usually, yes. But only to a level that reflects the increased service we provide. We don’t want to price out local people who need parking and storage.

How does the contract work?

We’re OJEU approved, so this is usually smooth and simple. And there’s just one contract for you to deal with (rather than having to work with lots of suppliers as you would if you refurbished your garages yourself).

How much % of garage revenue will you take?

This is something we’ll need to discuss. But our clients invariably end up making more than the contract costs when they start using us.

How much contact will we have with you?

As much or as little as you need. We’ll send you a revenue report (and your rent) each month. But other than that, you won’t need to be involved in our work at all unless you want to be.

I’m not sure whether to sell our garages to you or to have you manage them. What’s best?

This is very individual. It depends whether you’d like to keep your garages as an ongoing revenue stream, or you’d prefer to just get rid of them completely.

Want to talk through your options?

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