SPS Garage Management

The easiest way for social landlords to deal with problem garages

Sell all or part of your garage portfolio.

And get the money you need to invest in homes.

We’ll work with you to agree a fair fee for your garages.

Sell your entire portfolio, or just the garages you’re making the least money from.

Your garages will always stay in your community. We’ll refurbish and re-let them for you.

Sounds interesting… can we talk?

Garage management wasn’t something that we were particularly good at. We just weren’t set up for it.

So we turned to SPS, and really like what they do. We’ve seen revenue increasing month-on-month, and for the year 2020/21, we hit the million pound mark for the first time.

Rupert Wills

Regional Property Manager, Orbit Group

Start increasing revenue from your garages - get a callback

Take garages off your to-do list forever

Social landlords come to us when they have underperforming garages that are costing time, money and reputation.

Having us manage those garages 100%, means you keep (and increase) your revenue stream. Without any extra work. For most, this works well.

But there is one huge disadvantage: you never get to realise their full immediate value

Selling your garages means you get a significant lump sum that could make a real difference to your tenants and community.

It could mean new homes, or refurbishment projects, that you’d otherwise struggle to fund.

It also means that you’ll never even need to think about your garages again. They’ll be taken completely off your hands.

Do you know how much your garages are worth?

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Selling garages: your questions answered

Will you buy any garages? Even if they’re derelict?

Yes. We’ll buy garages from any housing association or local authority, whatever condition they’re in.

Will you definitely re-let them?

Yes, unless there’s a good reason why we can’t – but we’ll always discuss this with you before any sale.

Will the price you pay match what we’d get on the open market?

We believe so. We’ll go through a fair process of valuation with you, and you’re of course free to get quotes elsewhere to compare.

How quickly could we move on this?

Pretty fast, depending on legal confirmation. If you’re looking to get a lump sum by a particular date as you have an upcoming project, let us know and we’ll do all we can to meet that deadline.

Can we sell you some garages, and get you to manage others?

Absolutely. Let’s have a chat about what might work best for different parts of your portfolio.

Get the investment capital you need.

While your community keeps its garages.

Trusted by housing associations and local authorities

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